Special Offer


Strong boning for support


3 hook & eye


Cotton lined with latex outer


Comes in a variety of styles and colours

Are You Looking To Up-Sell In Your Hair Beauty Salon?

Then we might just have the perfect product to help your customers slim down and shape up.

Our celebrity endorsed waist trainers are a perfect addition to any salon looking to provide their customers with high value and effective beauty buys.

  • They are super-effective and designed by experts.
  • Loved by the likes of Gok Wan, ITV and X-Factor.
  • Provide great profit margins for salon owners.
  • Are super-flexible, without comprising effectiveness, and suitable to wear in the gym and daily wear.

We’re Also a Fabulous UK Based & Registered Business! 

  • Our head office is based in the Isle of Man and we offer ‘fast’ dispatch from our UK Warehouse.
  • Small layout & big profits!
  • We offer a number of standard discounts and promotional offers.
  • Sign up today and we will provide you with your very own, dedicated and friendly, sales manager.
  • No matter how big or small your business is. We’re here to help.
  • We’re not new to this: you will be supported by a team of people with oodles of experience within the shapewear industry.
  • We’re totally committed to providing excellent customer service and making sure that you succeed.


Salon Starter Pack #1 – The Esbelt Waist Trainer

“Definitely improves posture. Have been wearing it for a week a feel so much slimmer!”

“I went down two sizes with the help of this waist trainer.”

“Excellent product. It works wonder my waist is so smaller than it used to be . Live it.”

“I must admit I was a bit wary at first, but after trying it on, I’m hooked. It’s very comfortable. I would definitely recommend.”

  • The ES404 Slimming Corset

    Our Hottest Seller

    Features on Gok Wan’s ‘How To Look Good Naked’

    Featured on ITV This Morning

    Featured on UK The XFactor

  • Made From......

    Fused Cotton & Latex

    Has a 100% Triple Filtered Cotton Lining

    Flexible Steel Boning

    Adjustable Hook & Eyes

  • Suitable For......

    Gym Workouts

    Daily Wear

    Discreet Under Clothing

Special Offer

The ES404 Slimming Corset is the most popular corset in the Esbelt range.

Esbelt originate from Brazil and have over 45 years of expertise within the corset market. Your customers can expect to lose up to 4″ in a month from daily use. The result are instant though and will offer the wearer nothing less than a beautiful shape, bold lines and effective waist training properties. Rest assured that your customers of all ages will absolutely love this waist trainer.

Forget all those cheap and nasty imports, the ES404 is quite simply one of the highest quality most effective waist tainers on the market today.

*Also available in Black and in sizes XS through to 5XL.


10 x ES404 Slimming Corsets for only £150

*choose any size/colour corset from the ES404 style

*The RRP of this product is £45.00

Want to get your hands on our fabulous Esbelt Starter Pack? Email us at sales@curvesline.com

Salon Starter Pack #2 – The Ann Chery Faja Deportiva 3 Hooks

‘love this waist trainer’

“This item is awesome. My Mrs bought it, and now she is batman!”

“The waist trainer does miracles, can’t wait to see the permanent results”

“Amazing. I felt I’d dropped 2 dress sizes instantly.”

  • The 2023 Faja Deportiva 3 Hooks

    Our Hottest Seller

    Loved by Kim Kardashian

    Comes in a variety of colours

  • Made From......

    Layerd Cotton & Latex

    Has a 100% Cotton Lining

    Flexible Steel Boning

    Adjustable 3 Hook & Eyes

  • Suitable For......

    Gym Workouts

    Daily Wear

    Discreet Under Clothing

Wholesale Shapewear UK
Special Offer

Ann Chery are eailsy one of the hottest shapewear brands on the market today.

The 2023 waist trainer from Ann Chery is a beautiful and bold design. It’s suitable for all day use and will also increase thermal activity to help maximise workout sessions. It’s designed to appeal to the 18 to 35 year old market who are looking not only for effectiveness, but also style.

Again, forget all those cheap and nasty imports, this waist trainer is an affordable solution to your customers wearing one of the best quality waist trainers on the market.

*Also available in Blue or Pink and in sizes XS through to 2XL.


10 x Faja Deportiva 3 Hook for only £250

*choose any size/colour corset from the 2023 style

*The RRP of this product is £63.00

Want to get your hands on our fabulous Ann Chery Starter Pack? Email us at sales@curvesline.com

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We’re a wholesale shapewear distributer based in the Isle of Man called EBB Distribution, trading as CurvesLine.

We’ve been in business since 2005 and are exclusive distributors of the brand Esbelt and official distributors of the brand Ann Chery.

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