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We’re a UK based wholesale clothing supplier with a head office in the Isle of Man and a warehouse in Northampton. We’ve been in the business just over six years now and are proud distributors of the Brazilian shapwear brand Esbelt and the Colombian shapewear brand Ann Chery. We distribute high quality, high compression shapewear which will help your customers to slim down and create curves.

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  • Regular promotions and discounts
  • Company newsletters with new product lines and offers
  • Fast dispatch from our UK warehouse
  • High quality products with low return rates
  • Popular branded fashion items

Our products are suitable for a wide variety of businesses, from the home based seller to the high street shop -and everything in between. Suitable for a variety of uses too, our wholesale shapewear will help your customers to create beautiful lines in their new dress or help to reduce and shape the waist whilst they workout.

If you’re an Ebay or an Amzon seller too, then our products are the perfect choice. They’re a great size for posting and already have some great reviews on the marketplaces.

Esbelt Shapewear

Wholesale Ann Chery Shapewear

Wholesale Clothing Supplier Curvesline
  • Top Quality

    • Made from latex & cotton
    • Hand finished with decade of expertise
    • Moulds to the body
    • Steel boning
  • Big Brands

    • The Brazilian shapewear brand Esbelt have been creating beautiful corsets for over 45 years. Popular throughout the world, their unique shapewear garments have been helping women and men to get into shape and create curves in the most comfortable way possible.
    • Ann Chery are a Colombian shapewear brand who are popular amongst the 18-35 market. Their bight, high fashion designs feature in a variety of colours. Each one is made from strong latex and layered cotton and will help your customers to slim down and shape up.
  • Wholesale Clothing Supplier

    • We’re a fabulous UK registered business with a head office based in the Isle of Man and a warehouse in Northampton.

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